Think Variety When Designing Your Wedding Album

When you sit down to create your wedding album, you want to pick out a variety of shots-- not just the posed pictures or just images with people. Some of the best pictures show close-ups of other important elements from your wedding: venue, color theme, flowers, rings, and so on. These pictures make good background images in your album as well. We recently shot Amanda and Mark's wedding in Long Branch and their details (colors, shoes, location) gave us some great shots! Below are 2 examples of what you can do with your pictures. See the full album of pictures at our Facebook page. 



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10 Photography Tips for the Wedding of Lifetyme

As photographers, we know what makes a great picture and what photographs well (color, flowers, decor, scenery). And we absolutely know how important it is to work with a couple or family on planning the photography they want for one of the most imporant and memorable days of their lives.  Below is a list of 10 tips for couples to consider as they plan the wedding of a lifetyme

  1. 1. Make a list of photos that you would like us to take. On your big day, you might not remember everything you wanted, but if you have it written down and in the hands of your photographer (and a copy with a member of the bridal party). You can also get inspiration from the couples on our Facebook fan page too!  

  2. 2. Provide us with your itinerary for the day so we can scope out locations for shots and even capture some candid moments and pictures of the scenery. It will also help us know how much time we have between the ceremony and reception and the best time to plan the pictures.

  3. 3. Have a list of people you would like to be in pictures; pets are included! We love photographing families and DO make sure we include everyone you want, but for peace of mind, make that list.

  4. 4. Have an "assistant" during the photo shoots. Ideally it's someone in your bridal party who will be there for all phases of the wedding photography. This person will help coordinate people for the pictures and will hopefully help the bride to stay relaxed.   

  5. 5. Have a variety of photo settings for you and your bridal party. If you have all outdoor settings planned, and the weather does not cooperate, you will have to make alternative adjustments. OR, you can embrace Mother Nature and pick up some color coordinating umbrellas and make them part of the pictures!

  6. 6. If you want pictures taken at home, try and choose rooms with natural light (although it's not necessary) and of course, clean up the space.

  7. 7. Stay hydrated during the shoots--and we mean with water. You'll be on your feet through a lot of the pictures and when you add in the heat (if it's a spring/summer wedding), the anxiety of getting the best pictures, and the excitement of the day, you won't be at your best if you're not drinking water (and nibbling on some protein rich snacks).  

  8. 8. Carry facial blotters and handkerchiefs. Especially in warmer months, the last thing you want to see are beads of sweat and shiny faces.   

  9. 9. During the ceremony and reception, make believe we're not even there. We'll be photographing every moment; the more relaxed and natural you are the better. Don't worry about posing or staying angled towards our lenses. There will be time for the posing and staging. Just have fun and enjoy the day!

  10. 10. Lastly, a piece of advice given by our friend Erik Kent, founder of "When you're at the reception, STEP BACK together for a moment and look around the room at what you've created. You've brought together a mixture of family, friends, neighbors, business associates etc. who have come to CELEBRATE your love, marriage and life. Hang on to that MOMENT and enjoy it as a reason to party!"


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Summer Wedding Ideas

If you're planning a summer wedding and need some ideas for decor and photos, we compiled ideas from some of our couples. What's nice about a beach wedding is that you don't need to do much in terms of decor. The setting does enough for you. If your reception hall has windows looking out onto the water or beach (like one of the pictures below), keep your centerpieces simple so your guests can admire the scenery. You may end up saving money too! 

If you want to view the rest of the pictures from the 4 weddings featured, you can see them at our fan page:

Jessica and Robert, 6/26/10 at the Holiday Beach Club

Christie & Daniel, 10/9/10 

Marie Dellicker and Jamie Guido-9/10/11, Long Branch, NJ

Julie Takacs & Daryl McKurth- 11/20/11, Clarks Landing



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Add flair to your wedding with colorful shoes

If you're looking to do something a little different for your wedding look, but you're not daring enough to wear a colorful dress, have you considered adding color to your feet? A trend we see popping up among our brides is colorful shoes.  When you wear a pop of color, it not only unifies your color scheme, but it also gives you the added flair without going over the top. We also love it for photo opps! 

Below are three brides who wore colorful shoes. Their color choices and styles never overpowered the dress or bridal pictures, but when revealed they made for a memorable image. You never want to have regrets over not doing something fun or daring on your wedding day, but you also don't want to be so risky that when you look at your pictures 10 years down the road, you wish you hadn't been so over the top. 

What do you think of this idea? What color would you do? Tell us below! 

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Wedding Tip: 2nd Pair of Shoes

Bring a 2nd pair of shoes that you can change into after the ceremony. Wear something that you're comfortable dancing all night in like Christine did for her big day! 

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Your Family Photographer

Your wedding isn't the only big event in your life that you'll want to preserve with professional pictures. Keep us in mind for future milestones like the first child, anniversaries, and family reunions. We love to hear from our former brides when they have children, like The Karas Family (2005 wedding) who invited us to celebrate their new arrival in 2010. We have been fortunate to celebrate special events with families multiple times.  Lifetyme Photo & Video IS your family photographer!

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Quick Tip: Bubbles After the Wedding

If you want an alternative to rice or bird seed to throw at weddings, supply your guests with bubbles like Megan and Joe did. Another popular alternative is the use of ribbons or sparklers. 

The effect also makes for a great exit shot to add to your album or picture collection. 


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