National Pet Month: How to Make Your Pet Part of your Wedding

Everyone knows that pets are just as big a part of a family as anyone else, so we know how special it is to include them in some part of your wedding! April is National Pet Month so we have a few ways to make your furry friend a part of your big day! Instead of just taking a photograph with your pet, let them actually play a role in the wedding, use them as inspiration for goodie bags, or let them join you while you get all dolled up! There are plenty of pet spas in the area, like Groomingdaleʼs Pet Spa in Colonia and Colleenʼs Pet Spa in Edison, that let your pet bask in the glory with you! Another great idea is to include your pet in your wedding announcement and engagement photos, which we will be more than happy to shoot for you! Take a look Jay and Jan's son's wedding or Catie and Michael to get ideas for posing, or check out ideas we found on Pinterest below. 


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Neutral Wedding Theme Inspiration


Neutral Wedding Theme Ideas

When choosing wedding colors, one does not usually think about the beauty and simplicity of neutral colors. They are understated, classy, elegant, and look beautiful in pictures! Neutral literally means without color, but not necessarily dull and boring. Donʼt believe us, ladies? Weʼll prove it! Get inspired by Raquel & Salvatore and Brittany & Braulio above, OR check out some ideas we found on Pinterest.  

Neutral Wedding Theme Ideas

Want more? Check out our Neautral Wedding Theme board. 




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March Inspired Weddings: Aquamarine!

One of the biggest color trends this spring is aqua and it just so happens that Marchʼs birthstone is aquamarine! Aqua is a beautiful color and looks great in pictures against the bold colors and warm sunshine of spring! So as you can imagine, we were inspired. We found some of the best ways you can highlight this yearʼs color of spring in your wedding! 

Catch even more ideas at our Blue Wedding Pinterest board

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St. Patrick's Day Inspired Wedding Ideas


Since St. Patrickʼs day is quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to to share a little riddle with you all. Want to know what husbands and four leaf clovers have in common? They are lucky, special, and one-of-a-kind! Here are some ways to sprinkle the spirit of the holiday in all aspects of your special day! Click the image to see even more ideas at our Green Wedding Pinterest board

Green Wedding Ideas


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Funny and Unique Groomsmen Ideas

It's time to focus on the men! Here are some of the most unique ideas weʼve seen when photographing groomsmen! Grooms are rarely in the spotlight, but they can get creative too. From accessories and sock labels to superhero undershirts, weʼve seen them all! Now it's your turn! 






Bridal Inspiration at The Academy Awards!

Hollywoodʼs hottest actresses gather at The Oscars to be honored for their acting talent, but WE are honoring them for their amazing fashion taste! We'd like to thank the following stars for their INCREDIBLE bridal inspirations in the categories of wedding dress, bridal hair & makeup, and bridesmaid dresses!! 

Bridal Inspiration: Amanda Seyfriend (McQueen), Charlize Theron (Dior), Jennifer Lawrence (Dior), Jessica Chastain (Armani)

Bold Bridal Inspiration: Salma Hayek (McQueen) with the drastic gold high neck. How amazing does it look in white! 

Bridal Makeup: Giulian Rancic, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Charlize Theron

Bridal Hair: Nicole Kidman, Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts

Bridesmiad: Robin Roberts (Marc Bouwer) and Jennifer Garner (Gucci)


Image source: Pinterest

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Top 10 Nail Polish Colors for Your Big Day!

The seating chart is complete, your dress fittings are done, and there is one very important decision yet to be made: what color to paint your nails! Here are our top 10 nail polish picks for the beautiful bride on her wedding day!  We do many close-up shots of couples with their rings. You want to make sure your manicure is just right! 


1. Allure by Essie
2. Gris Trianon by Dior
3. Beyond Cosy by Essie
4. Ballerina by Chanel
5. Berry Naughty by Essie
6. Versailles by NARS
7. Airhead by Sephora X
8. Hearts & Tarts by O.P.I.
9. Thanks a WindMillion by O.P.I. 
10. Bridezilla by China Glaze 


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